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These videos demonstrate some customized molds, which are designed and made according to customer requirements. The videos record the development process of molds, after continuous adjustment, the final product meets customer expectations.
We guarantee that all special-shaped molds are consistent with the workpiece drawings. If you can't get the specified shapes, you will get a full refund unconditionally. All standard molds are guaranteed to be consistent with the mold drawings, and the tolerance conforms to the international standard of 0.05mm.
If you have similar demands on customized molds, please feel free to contact us through the contact information on the website, we will get in touch with you within 10 hours.

  • Big single V die
  • Corrugated reinforcement mould
  • Flexible bending center tooling
  • Hinge tooling
  • Louver tooling
  • Movable corner upper mold
  • Punch 30 degree
  • Customized special tooling
  • Standard mould with 2V die
  • Thick plate bending
  • Traceless tooling
  • Traceless tooling 2
  • Z shape tooling