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We Are a Press Brake Tooling and Shear Blades

Fangwei is a professional manufacturer of superior quality press brake tools and shear blades. With over 15 years of experience in the design and production of sheet tools, we have become familiar with the production requirements of sheet metal fabricators.

We offer American and European style press brake toolings, as well as other common styles upon request. All standard tools whose lengths range from 2 to 24 inches can be provided to satisfy your common sheet production requirements. If you have any special requirements regarding size, radius, angle, or finishing method, simply give us corresponding drawings or specifications and we can customize the press brake tooling for you.

For shear blades, Fangwei can furnish blades with 4 cutting edges with a threaded hole, 2 cutting edges with a threaded hole, 1 cutting edge with a threaded hole or double sided countersink. If you need custom shear blades, based on your specifications (center to center distance of holes, hole diameter, length, width, height, etc.), we can produce the shear blades according to your requirements.

Fangwei is a professional processing enterprise, focusing on supplying superior press brake tooling solutions. Different styles of press brake tooling are available, such as American precision style press brake tooling, European precision style press brake tooling, WT precision style press brake tooling, etc. Punches, dies, adapters and bending tools for radius bends are also provided.

Fangwei carries out each processing step with a strict attention to quality, from receipt of the design drawing, all the way to blanking, forging, and forming of press brake tools. We satisfy a variety of design and production requirements for customers, including hole diameter, bending angle, tool shape and more.

Shear blades are used to apply shear force to metal sheets in a variety of sizes, so that sheets are cut to the required size. Our shear blades are used for handling stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, high manganese steel and metal sheets.

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